Cylinder Head Cover Removal and Installation

A. Cylinder Head Cover Removal.

1. Remove the negative battery cable.
2. Remove the ignition coil assy. with the spark plugs wires.
3. Remove the PCV valve and breather hose from the head cover
4. Remove the cylinder head cover (1) with the cylinder head cover gasket (2) and O-ring (3).

Cylinder Head Cover Removal

B. Cylinder Head Cover Installation.

1. Replace O-ring (2) new and new cylinder head cover gasket (1) to the cylinder head cover (3).

Cylinder Head Cover Installation

NOTE: Check each component of the change or replace damaged before installation and if found any damage.

2. Install the cylinder head cover (1) to the cylinder head and tighten the cover bolts (2) according to specifications.
Moment of tightening bolts cylinder head cover (a): 11 N · m (1.1 kg-m, 8.0 lb-ft)

Cylinder Head Cover Installation

NOTE: When installing cylinder head cover, be careful cylinder head cover gasket or O-rings are not loose or

3. Install the ignition coil assy. (1) with the spark plugs cable (2).
4. Install the PCV valve hose (3) to the PCV valve (5).
5. Connect the breather hose (4) to the head cover.
6. Connect the negative battery cable

Cylinder Head Cover Installation