How to repair a Burned Fuse Connector

The main purpose of the electrical fuse is to protect the circuitry from damage within short lead times. A fuse is designed to break the tension in terms of stopping the flow of electrical overload or short circuit. Each vehicle has several fuses are required to obtain circuits. An electrical circuit will always fail on the highest point of resistance. Most of the time in question is the fuse box. If the power circuit, power-window system (for example) the first thing you should check is the fuse.

Repair Guide
Step 1
Remove the fuse and check whether he has the signs of extreme heat, perhaps even melted? If yes, then have a burning fuse. This condition occurs because the backup, vibration and moisture. Once the fuse is replaced, the situation will happen again, because the container burned fuse and create a high resistance.
To check for this condition remove the fuse from the circuit involved and to check with a flash light to the fuse box with a plastic container to see if it melts and they change the color to be replaced. There are two ways to go at this point can, replace the fuse panel or wiring involves using a component cable and a new fuse of the fuse box outside. I've done this many times and it works very well.

Step 2 - Sometimes a burned fuse holder is not always easy to detect, in this case remove the fuse of the circuit in question and replace it with a new one. Next with the key in the "on" position move the fuse in and out of the fuse holder and note the effected device such as electric windows. If the device starts working while moving the fuse in and out, you have a burned fuse holder and a repair is needed.