Milling Machine Safety Guidelines

Milling Machine Safety Guidelines

1. Work must be clamped securely in a vise and vise clamped tightly to the table, or, work must be clamped securely to the table.

2. Do not take climb milling cuts on the shop’s mills unless instructed to do so.

3. Make sure cutter is rotating in the proper direction before cutting material.

4. Before running machine the spindle should be rotated by hand to make sure it is clear for cutting.

5. Make sure the power is off before changing cutters.

6. Always use the proper cutting fluid for the material being cut.

7. Never run the machine faster than the correct cutting speed.

8. Make sure that the machine is fully stopped before taking any measurements.

9. Always use cutters which are sharp and in good condition.

10. Don't place anything on the milling machine table such as wrenches, hammers, or tools.

11. Always stay at the machine while it is running.

12. Don't take too heavy a cut or use too rapid a feed.

13. Remove the collet tightening wrench immediately after using it.

14. If at all feasible rig a guard or shield to prevent chips from hitting other people.

15. Use the milling machine spindle brake to stop the spindle after the power has been turned off.

16. Before cleaning the mill remove cutting tools from the spindle to avoid cutting yourself.