Steering Column Removal

Removal Instructions :

  • Disconnect the negative (ground) cable from the battery.
  • Compress and turn the horn button 1/4 turn counterclockwise to release the button from the retainer.
  • Disconnect the horn wire at the horn blowing switch.
  • Remove the three (3) screws and insulators attaching the horn ring and horn blowing switch to the
    steering column. Remove the horn ring and switch.
  • Loosen the steering wheel nut several turns and install the steering wheel puller tool and remove the steering wheel nut and steering wheel.
  • Remove the screw attaching the directional switch lever to the "directional switch and remove the lever.
  • Disconnect the directional switch wiring at the steering column jacket tube below the instrument panel.
    NOTE : Attach a piece of string or fine wire to the directional switch wiring before removing the switch from the steering column. When the switch is removed leave the string or wire in the steering column jacket tube as an aid to replacement of the wiring.
  • Remove the screws attaching the directional switch to the steering column and remove the switch from the top of the-steering column.
  • Move the trim cap up on the steering jacket tube and release the floor carpet to expose the floor panel.
  • Remove the screws attaching the dust pad to the floor panel and slide the dust pad up on the jacket tube.
  • Remove the two nuts holding the lower jacket tube clamp to the steering column jacket bracket.
  • Remove the clamp bolt from the steering column shaft lower coupling.
  • Remove the two bolts attaching the steering jacket tube clamp at the instrument panel and remove
    the clamp.
  • Carefully lift the steering column toward the dash, tapping the lower coupling lightly with a mallet until it is free of the worm shaft splines.
  • Slide the steering gear jacket tube assembly rearward and remove the complete assembly through the driver's compartment.

Steering Column

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