How To Find The Right Size Wire

It is important to choose the right size wire for your car. The wrong size can lead to inefficiencies and brownouts or shorts and electrical fires. If the batteries and cables for a specific application, consult your manual or a professional one, when, before he was to install the type and size of cable available. Finding the right size for a battery cable is not too difficult, although it requires the combination makes a number of concepts and ideas before deciding on the correct choice.

Length of the wire

The length of the wire is directly proportional to their resistance, so that the total current strength of the system, transferred to electrons in the inefficiencies of being through a wire medium is lost. Therefore, the longer the battery cable, the greater the inefficiency and current experience drop. When planning a design for an electric system with battery cable, you can consider a cable with higher conductivity and a lower resistance, if you are required to have a long run. Silver wiring, although much more expensive, is usually the best kind of wired conductor, while copper is usually the second best.


Another factor to consider when planning a design for an electric system with battery cable is wired to the conductivity of the medium. As electrons travel along any kind of medium, they encounter resistance, which shows in the form of heat. It is impossible for a leader who has zero resistance have. The greater the conductivity, the lower the amperage will drop to experience the system. There are four possibilities for the wiring used in electrical systems: silver, copper, gold and aluminum. Silver has the conductivity of aluminum and has the least.

System Specifications

When deciding on the size of an electric or battery cable, the current strength of the battery system is the most important factor to consider. If the battery cable can not withstand the amperage of the system, then it will short out or spontaneously ignite, which is not only a danger to people nearby, but also to the self-exploding batteries that can. Correspond to the correct size of the battery cable with the current strength of the system, consult a wire size chart. It is important that the cable is able to load the size of the battery by 10 percent is exceeded as a precautionary measure. Some diagrams show both voltage and current capacity, along with cable length, help you design your system to even more specific for your application.