Front Damper Removal and Inspection/Disassembly

Damper Removal

1. Remove the front wheel.

2. Remove the brake hose clamps form the damper.

3. Separate the damper and lower arm by removing the damper mounting bolt.

car damper * Corrosion resistant bolt/nut

4. Remove the caps from the top of the cowl then remove the self-locking nuts.

5. Remove the damper assembly.

* Corrosion resistant bolt/nut

car damper

Damper Disassembly

1. Compress the damper spring with the spring compressor according to the manufacturer's instruc­tions, and then remove the self-locking nut. CAUTION: Do not compress the spring more than necessary to remove the nut.

car damper

2. Remove the spring compressor then disassemble the damper as shown on the next page.

Damper Inspection

1. Reassemble all parts, except the spring.

2. Push on the damper assembly as shown.

3. Check for smooth operation through a full stroke, both compression and extension. NOTE: The damper should move smoothly. If it does not (no compression or no extension', then gas is leaking, and the damper should be replaced.

car damper

4. Check for oil leaks, abnormal noises or binding dur­ing these tests.