Ball Joint Removal, Inspection & Installation


1. Lift-up the vehicle, and remove the front wheels.

2. Remove the both sides of stabilizer bracket.

ball joint

3. Pull out the pin from ball stud, remove the castle nut, and extract the ball stud from front arm.

4. Remove the bolt installing ball joint to housing.

ball joint

5. Extract the ball joint from housing.


1. Measure the play of the ball joint using the following procedures. Replace with a new part if the play exceeds specification. Use 980 N (100 kgf, 220lb), measure length L1 & L2 with following directions :

ball joint

Determine free play using formula : S=L2-L1 (Check manual).

2. If the play is within specification, visually check the dust cover.

3. Remove the ball joint and cover, and check for wear, damage or cracks. If any damage is found, replace the corresponding part.

4. If the dust cover is damaged, replace with a new ball joint.


1. Insert the ball joint into housing. Do not apply grease to the tapered portion of ball stud.

2. nstall the ball joint into front arm.

3. Retighten the castle nut further up to 60° until the hole in the ball stud is aligned with a slot in castle nut. Then, insert a new cotter pin and bend it around the castle nut.

4. Install the stabilizer bracket.

5. Install the front wheels.